Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Current Project- Plane bisection

Some foster the idea that one must have a pre-concieved notion of what it is that he or she wants with a piece, i.e. what it means, what it should look like etc. My work is nothing of that kind. My work is all about investigation, discovery, process, and evolution. Seldom are my pieces born with meaning, I attach meaning to them, or discover what it is, indeed through out the process. In all honesty some of my works have little meaning attached to them, these pieces are more constructed for the sheer pleasure of the process, or are concieved in such a way so as to allow the viewer to find his or her own meaning in the piece. Well Anyway here is a current project of mine, as of yet I am not yet entirely sure what the finished product will consist of but, as I said, I will discover what it is I am to make as I go, Im thinking something along the lines of giant venus fly trap or something but it remains to be seen as to whether or not I will Go with said Idea. This front end of a small private plane was obtained as a donation from the good folks At Air Salvage of Dallas, an absolute wonderland of crashed planes and fascinating ghosts of old vessels such as a phenomenal wrecked Boeing 737. This place is a must see for the more adventurous folk out there who like me love climbing through wreckage and ruins anyway heres what it is I am Up to

Friday, October 7, 2011

And that's what's left of Bambi